World Cup: Colombia v England

Torture of trade unionists has also been well documented and trade unions and their members receive regular death threats, leading to many thousands of members fleeing their homes and jobs, sometimes into exile abroad. Exacerbating the problem is the impunity enjoyed by the perpetrators of the violence. Virtually no one is ever arrested for murders or other crimes committed against trade unionists in Colombia. Furthermore, the Colombian Government has been either unwilling or unable to provide concrete details for example name, place of detention, etc of any of the hundreds of individuals that they regularly assert are imprisoned for killing a trade unionist. However, there are also numerous cases in which the state security forces themselves, in particular the Army, have been found to be responsible for assassinations and in it was revealed that the DAS secret police, which reports directly to the Colombian president, had drawn up a death list of trade union leaders which had then been passed on to the paramilitaries. Several of those on the list were subsequently murdered and others forced to flee after receiving threats. The report also gives details of the DAS involvement in trade union murders. However, the CUT does not include such cases in their database. So far no list has ever been provided leading to doubts about the veracity of the claims.

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Tweet The element of drama is inextricable from Colombian football. Think Rene Higuita and that outrageous scorpion kick on the goalline against England. Going into the match, the odds were against the Colombians. The Paraguayans had already shown they were one of the best teams in the competition, having sealed third spot and qualification for the prestigious tournament.

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Aware that Falcao offers little when isolated, he pushed Cuadrado close to him, advancing right-back Santiago Arias, with Carlos Sanchez covering the vulnerable space down that flank. Wilmer Barrios played the holding role, and there was also a place for Jefferson Lerma to complete the midfield block. This was a strange option. A far more logical choice would have been Matheus Uribe, sufficiently dynamic to get up in support of the strikers, offer Quintero a positive pass and carry out marking duties as well.

Lerma could supply none of this, and his selection rendered Colombia impotent with the ball. It was reminiscent of the bad old days of Colombian football, before the mid s, when coach Francisco Maturana took over and built a fine side around the midfield talents of Carlos Valderrama. Maturana complained that before he took over, he was watching “Valderrama on the bench while [defensive midfielder] Pedro Sarmiento was playing, based on a starting point that the opponent is more important than one’s own team.

This was also the starting point for the many antics of the Colombia side, the most noticeable being the constant attempts to surround the referee, all aimed at slowing the game and breaking up the rhythm at the moment when England were in the ascendency. This made for a very poor spectacle — and was doubly depressing given that Pekerman has traditionally been associated with fine passing football.

But it was surely counterproductive. Because one of the lessons from Tuesday night in Moscow would seem to be that the current England side are not worthy of such respect and that even without James Rodriguez, Colombia still possessed the resources to play a more ambitious game. There is no shame in being eliminated from the World Cup — only one team gets to take the trophy home.

But there should be disappointment in Colombia and from a coach with the CV of Pekerman with the manner in which the team approached the game. A country whose tradition stresses, as Tino Asprilla put it, “happy and beautiful football” deserves better.

Colombia vs England [] full match stats and highlights

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Argentina’s victory catapulted them from sixth into the automatic qualification places as they joined Brazil, Uruguay and Colombia in booking their spots in Russia. After the shock of falling behind after 38 seconds to Renato Ibarra, Messi shouldered the hopes of an entire nation and put in one of the greatest individual performances in international football history by scoring a famous treble 12, 20, 62 when it mattered most. Uchuariat 6 , Valencia 6 , Estradaat 6 Argentina: Icardi 6 , Fazio 6 Man of the match: Lionel Messi Elsewhere, Peru’s draw against Colombia was enough to secure them a play-off with New Zealand for the final spot, which meant Chile were eliminated after they lost in Brazil.

Argentina, who have been at every World Cup finals since and twice won the tournament, knew anything other than victory would have meant elimination. It seemed inconceivable that one of football’s superpowers would not make it to the World Cup – but that looked a serious possibility when Ecuador took a shock lead inside 40 seconds. Antonio Valencia and Jorge Celico were both suspended for Ecuador while Enner Valencia was only fit enough for the bench.

Romario Ibarra ploughed his way through a nervy Argentina back-line and reversed a fine finish beyond Manchester United goalkeeper Sergio Romero.

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But today, I want to get a bit more personal. I want to share not only my point of view, but also what I observe in my surroundings. As always, these are generalizations, not all Colombians are the same. I always picked my guy. If I knew what I wanted, I would bluntly go after him. But Colombia is still a very traditional country.

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Ciudad Perdida “The Lost City” Owing to its location, the present territory of Colombia was a corridor of early human migration from Mesoamerica and the Caribbean to the Andes and Amazon basin. Vestiges indicate that there was also early occupation in the regions of El Abra and Tequendama in Cundinamarca. The figure refers to the ceremony of the legend of El Dorado.

They farmed maize, potato, quinoa and cotton, and traded gold, emeralds , blankets, ceramic handicrafts, coca and especially rock salt with neighboring nations. Some groups of indigenous people such as the Caribs lived in a state of permanent war, but others had less bellicose attitudes. Indigenous allies were crucial to conquest, as well as to creating and maintaining empire. Spain was the only European power that could not establish factories in Africa to purchase slaves and therefore the Spanish empire relied on the asiento system, awarding merchants mostly from Portugal , France , England and the Dutch Empire the license to trade enslaved people to their overseas territories.

In the Viceroyalty of New Granada was originally created, and then it was temporarily removed, to finally be reestablished in This Viceroyalty included some other provinces of northwestern South America which had previously been under the jurisdiction of the Viceroyalties of New Spain or Peru and correspond mainly to today’s Venezuela, Ecuador and Panama. Since the beginning of the periods of conquest and colonization, there were several rebel movements against Spanish rule, but most were either crushed or remained too weak to change the overall situation.

The last one that sought outright independence from Spain sprang up around , following the independence of St. Domingue present-day Haiti in , which provided some support to an eventual leader of this rebellion:

England banish penalty curse to pass Colombia test and reach World Cup quarter

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The short answer is yes, but it will be dependent on results elsewhere, so it is ultimately out of their hands and the permutations are enough to make Argentina fans dizzy as they look to avoid missing out on a World Cup for the first time since As you can see in the table above, Argentina’s final game of qualification is away to Ecuador, who are already eliminated. Automatic qualification The best-case scenario for Messi and co. That pair of results would see Argentina finish in the automatic qualification spots regardless of results elsewhere.

If Colombia beat Peru and Argentina draw with Ecuador, Jorge Sampaoli’s side could qualify for the inter-confederation play-off, but that would depend on seventh-place Paraguay either drawing or losing at home to Venezuela. If Peru manage to beat Colombia in Lima which would avenge their loss in Barranquilla , Argentina will need to win in Quito in order to ensure they qualify for the play-off. So, as you can see, Argentina’s route to the World Cup is not a straightforward one, and they will be doing everything in their power to ensure victory in their final game in order to boost their chances.

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