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To say that it forms an important part of enterprise is probably an understatement. The brightest minds in our sector work for us. Discovering an idea is the surest way to get it to market first.

4 Matchmaking as economic value creation in networks. The following chapter presents the matching process between organ-izational hierarchies of the potential partner firm’s and the interactions.

Read more Testimonials Most important and the most unique factor was the 1: We had 38 meetings and have already booked our calendar for the next Wolves Summit. Thank you for such a great venue and the organization of a world-class event. I look forward to seeing you again. Yuliya Kondratyuk – Business Development Director, Proffstore These kind of events like Wolves Summit are a great opportunity to network, to meet the companies, to showcase.

Agnieszka Stasiakowska, European Commission What I like is that the companies which come here, come with a real need to find a matching investor and likewise for investors. So I think the speed dating, the concept of being able to preselect ventures, to meet them, to put them through your own set of questions, clearly works very well.

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Please read the following rules for your entries. By submitting an entry, you agree to be bound by these rules. This is a call for a start-up pitch under the Innovation Kitchen Europe motto. There are questions to be answered in the pitch. Entries will be accepted from 7 June to 5 July , no later than

An obvious task in open innovation is to find suitable partners for collaboration. In this paper we present results from three participatory case studies of identifying and matching technology firms for collaborative innovation projects. We observe that matchmaking is a more complex process than an.

Also a personality analysis, a compendium of feedback from his executive team, and a breakdown of how he spends his time. Courtesy of Intuit Transparency is great, but this, you might think, is ridiculous. Why is Intuit still here? Its business, specialized personal-computing software, is brutally competitive. All its peers from Flexidraw, VisiCalc are long gone.

Intuit is simultaneously more profitable than glamorous startups and growing faster than established incumbents. Even as its stock hits new highs, nearly all analysts rate it a buy. This is the Tom Brady of its industry—performing at the top of its game at an age when its onetime peers have long since stopped playing. See the full Fortune Future 50 list. Since its founding, Intuit has done what every company today must learn to do, disrupting itself continuously, reinventing its products and its business model before any competitor can beat it to it.

Those products had to be reconceived again at the dawn of the mobile era.


The growth of the Internet saw the introduction of live webcast auctions for our traditional auction sales. Through this innovation, we have been able to bring our auction services to a much wider audience than those able to attend in person. Not only is bidding on the web simple, it is also transparent, and bidders have control over when and how much they are bidding. Open souk, Souk open, Souk central and Central souk extension of this idea – now that broadband technology is becoming more widespread, people who did not use the Internet at all five years ago now see it as an integral part of their daily lives.

Because of this, the time is right for us to bring our auction sales to a new audience.

Matchmaking and the economic setting for open innovation With the increased interest in open innovation and the suggestion of trading IP, techno l- ogies and innovation on markets (Chesbrough.

This symbiotic exchange of ideas and knowledge helps companies gain from knowledge on new technologies and products, cultural refresh, exposure to new talent and innovative opportunities to collaborate. Ninad Gadgil, 3M India Enterprise connect is a big challenge for startups and Open Startups is providing an excellent platform to solve this. It was great being part of the Bangalore event. We got instant access to a lot of relevant businesses and are looking forward to work closely with Open Startups initiative.

Rohit Agarwal, Ikarus Technology openstartups are actually helping the emerging start-ups in various geographies to understand what big companies are indeed interested. This is indeed an excellent platform for both big companies as well as small entrepreneurs who aspires to see a big vision. Access new resources connecting with large corporations and be part of the Open Startups Ranking.

Meet, monitor and contribute with startups of your expertise and interest. Connect with startups communities worldwide and collaborate with the most attractive and promising solutions.

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Sign up for professional matchmaking at Bioagora Bioagora by Biopeople is a one-day annual networking event in Copenhagen with a focus on biomarkers – last year the participants expressed a strong wish for professional matchmaking, so at this year’s event we celebrate the Bioagora’s fifth anniversary by bringing on board professional matchmaking for exhibitors and participants. The procedure is simple – enter the matchmaking webpage, post your profile and ask for meetings with relevant people listed on the site.

We wish you a nice day at the event with fruitful meetings and networking. Bioagora – programme and venue Immunotherapy is on the agenda when Bioagora takes place on 27 November at the University of Copenhagen, Frederiksberg Campus, Marmorhallen, Thorvaldsensvej 40, Frederiksberg C. We present two prominent key-note speakers – one from the clinical setting and one representing a small company, working with immunotherapy.

The International Conference on Open Innovation was established 4 years ago and it has been held in Ireland, Finland and The Netherlands. The OI2 Conference has been attended by innovation experts, policy-makers, academic scholars, practitioners and individuals who are engaged in various aspects of innovation and entrepreneurship.

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General When can I submit a nomination and when is the deadline? Nominations will open on May 1st, , and close on July 31st, The form will be live on our website on May 1st. What qualifies me as eligible to nominate my product or service?

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From this cross-client perspective we understand a broad set of practices and ambitions for open innovation, which we can begin to place in patterns of approach or flavours. Additionally, the problem in question could be internal, within a corporate B2B relationship, or industry wide. The ambitions for these problem-solving networks may differ as well: We can think of these as the X-Factor model and the Speed-Dating model.

The X-Factor Model is typically used within a single organization to encourage and foster contributing, creative behaviours. The open innovation process here self-organizes the proper fit for start-up-to-problem-solution pairing. Financial services companies and FinTech start-ups provide the most high profile example. The above two models provide a great deal of value to organizations. This has had a growing influence on both HR and procurement by short-circuiting the entrenched process of each of these two respective functions.

In many cases that value-add business case relies on some sort of cost savings: This type of functional justification may save a job or two for the time being, but will never make it strategically incisive for the business. On the other hand, if these functions were to focus on curating business problems and issues rather than passively gathering internally focused requirements, the prospects may change. By sponsoring a medium that engages and fosters a broad ecosystem that is drawn to the variety of business issues presented can render these functions as true brokers of change.

The Importance of Open Innovation and Collaboration