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With its warm clear waters crammed with colourful, tropical fish-life and corals, set around stunningly beautiful tropical islands, the Andaman Sea boasts some high quality scuba adventures and certainly offers the best diving in Thailand by far. Discover here the sites you can explore from our liveaboard cruises or dive day trips. A firm favourite with divers over the past decade or so, Thailand is blessed with gorgeous weather, fantastic beaches, and handy diving a few kilometres from a fun-packed shoreline. Phuket is best placed to serve the whole region, and is popular with party-goers, whilst Khao Lak is ideally placed to focus on the northern Thai Andaman Sea. Ao Nang is set on the peaceful and spectacularly beautiful Krabi coastline across Phang Nga Bay, and Phi Phi’s magic draws sunseekers and travellers for the beaches and a slice of island-life. The biggest draw-card here though, are the professionally run dive outfits that have a fantastic range of value-for-money liveaboards cruising around world class dive sites in the Similans, Burma and Hin Daeng. The picturesque Similan Islands are the most popular Thai scuba destination, with superb underwater scenery and excellent visibility in its aquamarine waters. Huge deep water boulder formations create daring swim-throughs as well as providing dramatic back-drops to its vibrant reef slopes. You can dive here by liveaboard or day trips.

Best Scuba Diving in Thailand: Dive Sites You Just Can’t Miss

Two airplanes sunk on purpose. Both of these planes are right off of the reef. A reef filled with different types of colourful sponges. The wreck is encrusted with corals sitting upright right off a beautiful coral reef.

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Definition[ edit ] Solo diving is defined as a dive planned to be conducted entirely or partly without a buddy. The term has also been used to define dives where buddies are insufficiently attentive or close enough to function effectively as a buddy pair, and is more commonly referred to as “same ocean buddy diving”.

When surface supplied diving was first developed, it was common to have only one diver unless the work required more. Those early traditions continue and customarily include a standby diver, and a working diver who is in constant communication with the surface control crew. As the sport expanded through the s, several sporting organisations — notably the Young Men’s Christian Association YMCA — began scuba training programmes for swimming enthusiasts, thus began the codification of what was believed to be proper practices for the expanding amateur sport of scuba diving.

Cousteau independently implemented a buddy system after a number of harrowing diving incidents that date back to the earliest days of exploratory diving.

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Sat Nov 24, Yes diving is great fun and something Im not willing to give up after enjoying for so many years. Wed Nov 28, 1: Mon Dec 10, 3: I have worn an appliance “bag” for over thirty years, having an iliostomy due to colon cancer.

A guide to the Marine life of Phi Phi Island by Princess Divers Part 1 ” What sort of marine life can I expect to see in Phi Phi Island? “ When it comes to marine life Phi .

What to do in Cozumel Mexico? Tweet So what are the best things to do in Cozumel Mexico? Cozumel is a large island, and has many great activities and attractions to choose from. Cozumel is one of the safest places in the world, according to recent statistics. Cozumel Mexico is a popular Island and gets a large amount of cruise ship traffic and more than any other cruise port in the Caribbean. The Cozumel Port gets Millions of cruise ship passengers each year. The Port of Cozumel was rated 3 for the Best cruise ports in the World.

The Island was also rated as one of the Top safest places in the World to live or travel. Chances are your visiting Cozumel for a day or a week at most. This is a great guide for everyone, especially if your coming on a cruise, doing a day trip to Cozumel, or staying in Cozumel for a week or two at a resort, hotel or vacation rental. Its a great article for even the travelers visiting Cozumel for the day and staying in Playa Del Carmen, Tulum or Cancun and planning on taking the ferry to Cozumel.

Couple abandoned by captain during a scuba dive trip near Phi Phi

Adventure Travel World’s Greatest Diving Spots Pristine coral reefs, kelp forests, and sunken battle ships all make for epic dive destinations from Mexico to the Marshall Islands. More Stephen Regenold October 15, Kicking to swim toward the shipwreck, Dan Orr descends in still water nearly transparent as air. But beneath the surface— feet down in the icy freshwater of the Georgian Bay—Orr is swimming into a haunted world.

A few feet down, the deck of the Arabia, a 19th-century wooden-hull schooner, fades into view. Soon, shapes materialize on the bottom—chains, anchors, masts, and an eight-spoke wheel stand upright, preserved in cold water where they sank during a storm more than a century ago.

Pensacola Dive Sites and GPS Numbers. Perched on the border between the Florida and Alabama Gulf coasts, Pensacola, Florida is well known for its beautiful white sand beaches, fantastic fishing, a rich history which dates back to the s, and as the home for Navy Flight Training and the Blue Angels Flight Demonstration Squadron.

Devil’s Den — This is a prehistoric underground spring complete with stalactites and a ft. Prehistoric Paleo-Indians evidently visited the site too, judging by the number of spear-points that have been found around the spring’s entrance. Devil’s Den also boasts one of the largest fossil deposits ever found, with the remains of mastodon, saber-tooth tiger, and giant ground sloth finds common, as they evidently fell into the den in number.

The cave here is part of a camping facility that has a deep-water rock-pit and freshwater pool for swimming. The den is a first rate adventure dive! Devil’s Den is located 1. Watch for the Devil’s Den sign outside of Williston, heading for Bronson.

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Though enslaved, he trained in France to become one of colonial America’s most accomplished chefs. Now, archaeologists have uncovered the kitchen where Hemings created his elaborate banquets, LiveScience reports. Researchers at Monticello are conducting a long-term effort, the Mountaintop Project, to restore plantation premises, including slave quarters, to their original appearance.

Archaeologists excavated a previously filled-in cellar in the main house’s South Pavilion, where they found artifacts like bones, toothbrushes, beads, and shards of glass and ceramics. Underneath layers of dirt, experts also uncovered the kitchen’s original brick floor, remnants of a fireplace, and the foundations of four waist-high stew stoves.

Diving is the sport of jumping or falling into water from a platform or springboard, usually while performing is an internationally recognized sport that is part of the Olympic addition, unstructured and non-competitive diving is a recreational pastime.

So often, that at some point I made up the answer everyone wanted to hear. Single travellers are a new trend in the travel industry. With simple research online it is easy to find scuba diving holidays packages for singles. Now solo travelling is more and more a way to make a break and find yourself again. In my case, I found no need for a guided tour. Through my backpacking trips, I learnt how easy it could be to organise everything by myself and how much fun it could be to meet other scuba travellers or local scuba divers.

Peaceful in Argentina, my small bag over my shoulder helps me to keep control of my belongings It is a legitimate concern. In addition, by being a woman, the entire world loves to remind me how afraid I should be every time I step out my door. I would like to make this post as non-gender specific as possible. Not paranoid, but careful. Here are 3 of my top tips to deal with care about personal welfare when travelling: Or at least pretend you know where you are.

Learning and memorising maps has always been a game for me.

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Get in[ edit ] Most visitors can get into Costa Rica without the need of a Visa and can stay in the country for 90 days. Costa Rica requires Indian citizens to be in possession of a valid visa when they arrive. The only conditions being that the visa must be valid for 3 months and should be stamped in your passport. See below for further details Costa Rica requires valid Yellow fever certificate if arriving from most neighbouring countries.

At Bogota airport – if you have certificate you can have it emailed to the airline and then proceed to the local vaccination authority for duplicate certificate to be issued free of charge.

Aug 28,  · Welcome to ScubaBoard, the world’s largest scuba diving community. Registration is not required to read the forums, but we encourage you to join.

Bahamas Bucket List for Divers: Bimini Edition Paperback It’s no secret that the Bahamas is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Consisting of over islands, this Caribbean paradise is one of the most famous dive destinations in the world. Divers flock to this getaway to intimately experience the wide range of aquatic wildlife, pristine coral walls, and amazing shipwrecks. From pirates to modern-day drug runners, expert scuba diver and long-time sailor Capt.

Nathan Riley will take you on a journey dating back years. During surface intervals, you will take a closer look at how the Bahamas and Bimini famously came to be. Expect to be immersed in the island’s history, culture, and soul. Flip to the second half of the book to build your personal Bahamas Bucket List. Relive your dive memories time and time again while checking off sites from your dive log.

Each dive site listed is accompanied by first-hand facts and experience from a Captain who has dived the area almost daily for 15 years.

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There are numerous Scuba Diving Lakes that are specifically designed and maintained for use by divers. These Scuba Diving Lakes feature underwater platforms for classes and skill building. The lakes also contain underwater attractions such as submerged boats, planes, construction vehicles, and buoyancy practice courses. The lakes are also home to various and often unique species of local flora and fauna.

Many divers go to the lakes nearly every weekend to practice their skills, share camaraderie, and engage in the active and exciting sport of Scuba Diving.

Don’t let the cold water keep you from an epic dive — here is some expert advice for diving like a polar bear.

Built in , this site covers over ft. With a maximum depth of 63 feet, this is another great dive site for divers of all skill levels. Spadefish and Barracuda abound, and you never know what kind of marine life you may see. This site sits 10 miles off the coast. There are lots of coral, sponges, and other marine life on this site that bottoms out at 65 ft. A great dive about 16 miles off the coast.

This site was built in out of a foot barge with high steel structure welded and bolted on to create a nice swim through. Concrete was then sprayed on the deck and on to the steel to enhance marine growth. When the vessel went down, it rolled over and landed upside down creating a giant cave type structure. The top starts at 45 feet and bottoms out at 63 feet. It is located 10 miles offshore, near Barracuda Alley.

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Click to expand Where to dive Advanced divers should head to Mona Island or the walls of the south coast. Beginners will be most comfortable with the shore dives in the east. Snorkeling in Puerto Rico As with most Caribbean islands, snorkeling is an easy and fun excursion. As a warning, do not let anyone mislead you to snorkel at Playa Escondida. The currents in the area are strong and dangerous.

Best dive sites in Puerto Rico View all dive sites in Puerto Rico Desecheo Island This small, remote, island is about 45 minutes by boat from Rincon a popular surfing destination on the west end of Puerto Rico.

Mail or maille (also chain mail(le) or chainmail(le)) is a type of armour consisting of small metal rings linked together in a pattern to form a mesh. A coat of this armour is often referred to as a hauberk, and sometimes a byrnie.

The Scuba Page We located 5 of the best scuba dive sites in Curacao, it was hard but we did anyway. Found in the southern Caribbean, the island of Curacao is known around the world as a haven for scuba divers seeking the extraordinary beauty of the underwater world. The warm, clear waters are rich in a variety of marine species that are awe-inspiring and perfect for the underwater photographer who wants to capture images that no one else can.

And the myriad scuba dive sites are perfect for scuba divers of all skill levels who want to have the scuba trip of a lifetime. The wreck sank in and is now found at 30 meters deep. This dive is suitable only for advanced divers, though, who will be able to get up close and personal with large barracuda, brilliantly colored corals and orange sponges that adorn the wreck.

Other fish species, such as groupers, can also be found swimming near the wreck. The site is accessible both by shore and by boat. Dive Sites in Curacao:

Scuba Diving the Graveyard of the Atlantic and North Carolina Coast

Scuba diver arrested after riding a whale shark Newsflare A group of scuba divers sparked outrage after they filmed themselves riding an endangered whale shark. The men were diving in Cenderawasih Bay, Indonesia, earlier this month when one of them mounted the majestic marine creature. He then made an ‘ok’ sign to the camera pictured Footage shows one of the divers laid on the whale’s back grabbing the sides of its head before signalling ‘ok’ the camera.

Two of the men were holding onto the whale’s sides. Outraged environmentalists complained and the authorities identified the group involved. The man seen riding the whale was later arrested and identified as a local businessman.

Mr Mitchell said the trip to get out of the cave takes about three hours for experienced divers. “(It involves) multiple stops, changes of air tanks etc. It’s a slow process,” he said. To dive out.

Subic Bay Dive Site: She subsequently participated in the First World War and other conflicts. In she was finally laid up at the Subic Bay to be cannibalized for spares. She was eventually scuttled by the US Navy, in , during their preparations to withdraw from Subic, to prevent her four 8 inch guns falling into enemy hands. Resting on her port side at a depth of 30m, she is still mostly intact, except for explosive damage caused by salvage operations in her mid-section.

Fortunately for divers, her 4 massive turreted deck guns and enormous propeller are still intact. The wreck is m long, making it one of the largest wrecks in the Bay. Diving the USS New York is an atmospheric experience for divers and the scale of the wreck can really be appreciated as you swim alongside her main guns or around her propeller.