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14 fascinating facts about South Korea

It was little more than a year ago that South Korean police descended on the home of Lee Jin-young in Seoul , arrested him and placed him in solitary confinement. Lee is a long-time activist who had already been jailed in the s for promoting democracy, but this time he was thrown in prison for different reasons. His so-called crime was running Labor Books, an online library of information on North Korea.

Sadly, this is not a unique case in South Korea, where the looming threat of war with the North has taken a serious toll on personal freedoms.

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It looks like pretty much any talk show. There are the bright sofas and chairs, broadly grinning contestants and pneumatically energetic hosts. There is a lot of laughter, occasional tears, jokes, skits, and singing. So far, so normal. And it exclusively stars North Korean defectors who, in between beaming smiles and demure giggles, recount the unspeakable horrors they witnessed in their homeland. The format is strange, to say the least.

During each episode, while guests share horrifying stories about life in the North, such as being starved and forced to wet themselves when they were children training for mass games, or living off garbage, or about their experiences of being tortured, four male celebrities off to the side make comments and occasional jokes. Torture and television In one episode last year, when the host asked who among them had seen a public execution, all 14 guests replied in the affirmative.

Then the state security soldiers brought them to the two tall stakes that were already there and tied them up and the six soldiers started shooting. Perhaps the most famous is Yeonmi Park, who used her profile to become an activist on the global state and penned an international best-seller about her experiences. Yeonmi ParkGetty Images Similarly, it was only a few years ago that Chanyang Joo was fighting for survival after escaping from the North and being imprisoned in China.

Life in the free world can be an immense challenge for Northerners who have never encountered many simple things like coffee machines or different sorts of bread. The response has not only meant huge ratings but an outpouring of emotion from Southerners.

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Trump’s ‘love’ for Kim is undercutting his own team’s necessary toughness SEOUL, South Korea — As about a dozen elderly men loiter in a small plaza near a cinema, mostly chatting or watching people pass by, several deeply wrinkled women stroll among them, trolling for customers willing to pay for sex in nearby motels.

The nickname comes from the popular energy drink that many of the prostitutes have traditionally sold. As a growing, ultra-competitive middle class has become preoccupied with getting ahead, many elderly and poor people have been left to fend for themselves. Widowed, divorced or abandoned by their children, some now find themselves without a social safety net and so are forced to take up prostitution.

Some get paid to drink with older men and only occasionally have sex with them.

The app is a must-have as well, bridging access to lessons from that site and allowing users to easily access grammar listening lessons and YouTube videos. If you prefer to learn your Korean with a fair bit of English explanation, ample examples, and witty banter between presenters, TTMIK is .

Two days after Pyongyang caused outrage by test-firing a nuclear bomb , South Korea used giant loudspeakers set up at the border to play songs by Seoul’s top boy bands. South Korea – which gave the world the novelty hit Gangnam Style by the rapper Psy – knows its music infuriates the regime in Pyongyang, which insists its citizens listen only to turgid state-approved pop.

Getty In a possible reference to the nuclear drama, one of the Korean bands chosen was all the all-boy ensemble “Big Bang”. The strategy – dubbed variously as “Pop-aganda” and “Propa-gangnam” – was timed to coincide with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un’s birthday , and came as world leaders continued efforts to defuse tensions inflamed by Wednesday’s bomb test. Philip Hammond, the Foreign Secretary, used a visit to Japan to call on the South to exercise restraint and “not rise to the bait”.

Speaking on the flight deck of an American aircraft carrier at a US naval base at Yokosuka, 40 miles south-west of Tokyo, Mr Hammond said: South Korea has responded to the test by asking the US to deploy B bombers and B-2 stealth bombers to the peninsula, along with F fighters, a Los Angeles-class nuclear submarine presently stationed in Japan. But in a demonstration of its “soft power”, Seoul also resumed propaganda broadcasts across the Demilitarised Zone, which it had previously stopped as part of a bilateral confidence-building agreement with the North.

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South Korea has deported 17 foreigners as a counter-terrorism measure ahead of February’s Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, local media reported Tuesday. The country’s immigration office told local newspaper The Korea Times that the deportees were from five countries, including nations in Central and South-East Asia. They were either members of international terrorist groups or on a wanted list shared by 50 countries’ intelligence agencies, a spokesman told the paper.

AP “We must be very thorough in counter-terrorism as athletes and people all over the world are coming to the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics,” he said.

The app is a must-have as well, bridging access to lessons from that site and allowing users to easily access grammar listening lessons and YouTube videos. If you prefer to learn your Korean with a fair bit of English explanation, ample examples, and witty banter between presenters, TTMIK is .

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And if you’re South Korean coach Shin Tae-yong, you figure out how to work that to your advantage. World Cup opening game proved a little tricky for people with colour blindness In a press conference Sunday, Shin explained the unusual tactic he’d employed against spies from the Swedish team: He’d had his team members swap jersey numbers for the warmup games, in hopes that scouts would confuse the players for one another.

Although Shin’s specific plan is unique, it’s one in a long string of reports of subterfuge between South Korea and Sweden in the lead-up to their World Cup match. Swedish coach Janne Andersson apologized to the South Korean team Sunday for an incident in which a Swedish scout was caught looking in on a South Korean practice in Austria.

South Korea is to abandon atomic energy in favour of renewable sources in the latest blow to the international nuclear industry since the Fukushima disaster in Japan. Moon Jae-in, South Korea.

South Korean prostitutes protest police crackdown. Reuters South Korea, a wealthy, powerful Asian super-state, technology hub and stalwart U. Indeed, paid sex is available all over South Korea — in coffee shops, shopping malls, the barber shop, hotels, motels, as well as the so-called juicy bars, frequented by American soldiers, and the red-light districts, which operate openly. Internet chat rooms and cell phones have opened up whole new streams of business for ambitious prostitutes and pimps.

If that estimate is closer to the truth, it would mean that 1 out of every 25 women in the country is selling her body for sex — despite the passage of tough anti-sex-trafficking legislation in recent years. For women between the ages of 15 and 29, up to one-fifth have worked in the sex industry at one time or another, according to estimates. Indeed, the sex industry in the face of laws criminalizing and stigmatizing it is so open that prostitutes periodically stage public protests to express their anger over anti-prostitution laws.

North and South Korean border may soon open to tourists

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Apps Ebooks iJobs The world’s best airports Asia. (DMZ), trying to catch a glimpse of life across the line that divides North and South Korea. Asia.

In some cases, such as a foodborne outbreak, the process is relatively straightforward. The item or location is identified, a recall or closure is enacted, and the situation eventually is brought under control. But sometimes, the search can be tricky at best, especially when the problem is behavioural in nature. In Canada and many other countries around the world, the period between and saw a significant spike in the number of cases.

Figuring out why familiar names such as chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis continue to rise has presented a rather difficult burden. After all, exploring the most intimate aspects of an individual’s life is by no means easy. Perhaps for this reason, one popular theory for the troubles has focused not on individuals, but on their phones. Several apps, such as Tinder and Grindr, have gained popularity over the last few years.

They are designed to facilitate meeting of individuals with similar characteristics. Yet, many utilize the programs to find casual sexual partners. This specific purpose has led some researchers to believe digital dating may be the underlying reason for the rise in cases.

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