How to Improve Your Chevelle Cooling System

The radiators in — models were a bit small to start with, and the original-design radiators are very antiquated technology now. In addition to taking steps to make sure your Chevelle keeps its cool, there are also opportunities to improve the performance of your car by switching from a belt-driven fan to an electric fan. For a comprehensive guide on this entire subject you can visit this link: You can use the social sharing buttons to the left, or copy and paste the website link: Size and upgrade your cooling system appropriately to avoid overheating problems that can rob you of enjoying your car and possibly damage those new engine parts. The key is determining what you need and matching radiator size to airflow. Based on these two guidelines, there are ways to correct your situation. This is a pretty typical cooling system in a car that has seen decades of upgrades.

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Tuned Port Injection Installation on Corvette When this ’82 was new, its performance was somewhat short of exhilarating — Chevrolet just didn’t build in the go to match the classic looks. In stoplight sprints, the drivers of less respectable vehicles read: Mustangs would wave goodbye as they ran away from the horsepower, cubic inch, automatic transmission-equipped car. This had to stop!

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The more thats included, the higher the price. TPI Upper intake, lower intake, runners: A fuel rail cap and CS valve plug is available to do so. If you want to use a TPI off of a Corvette, be carefull, the lower intake was made to bolt up to cylinder heads that do not have EGR passages, so you won’t be able to use a Corvette intake, unless you want to delete the EGR. Starting in , the angle of the four center bolts of the intake changed, so if you wan’t to use a pre intake on an ’87 or later engine or vice versa you will have to modify the four center holes to make it bolt up properly.

The frost plug, lower radiator hose heater, or circulating tank heater are designed to keep the coolant in your engine warm. These products help stimulate warm temperatures, give quicker starts and protect your engine from damage that can occur during cold weather starts.

Priced way below similar cars. I have too many projects and I’m running out of time. Frame off restoration was completed 8 years ago and has been driven very little since. This car is a clone GTO, built with all original, period correct parts. Runs, drives, stops excellent. Only 58, miles, you must see to appreciate. I have serviced the car from bumper to bumper and have all the paper work and invoices.

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In some cases, we may have to slightly modify the layout, colour, or even equipment. We want a whole new concept for it then one of these is ls1 coolant flow diagram. Ls1 Coolant Flow Diagram is one of the pics we discovered on the online from reputable sources.

There isn’t a heater valve per se on the model. The heater core is an active unit in that it has coolant flowing constantly when the engine is.

Report MrBlueOval answered 5 years ago Engine block heaters aren’t really heaters at all. Like Jim said they are basically a dead short that somewhat heats up a “freeze-plug” same as an expansion plug but it’s not big enough or hot enough to heat up the engine to where it’s blowing warm air from the heater right away. It’s made to keep the engine fluids from freezing in supercold weather not you from freezing.

I have seen some aftermarket heaters that splice into your heater hose going to the heater core and they pretty much give you instant heat from your heater but the typical engine “block” heaters do not. Diesel engines especially need the engine block heaters in the winter as diesel fluid will quickly turn to gel when it get near freezing temps or below. They make diesel fluid anti-foaming additives to keep that from happening, especially in the diesel powered big-rigs.


What does the vacuum modulator do? The vacuum modulator is a canister that contains a diaphragm and a calibrated spring. The calibrated spring opposes the diaphragm movement. This provides the means for the transmission to adjust internal pressures based upon torque demand by the engine. Is there a right way or a wrong way to hook up my vacuum modulator? Since the transmission is so dependent upon the modulator to function properly, a good vacuum signal must be transferred from the intake manifold down to the modulator.

82 chevy: heater hook up on the engine/radiator. Customer Question. I have a 82 chevy I have a 82 chevy K5 blazer with a I just replaced the heater core that had been removed. I have a Chevy blazer K5 with a and TBI system that has been sitting for many years. Besides the bad gas and replacement of pump and filter.

I haven’t used these, so all I can give is the application notes that are listed on the Hedman website http: Designed for stock mounts in stock location and stock width oil pan, Under chassis exit, Hedders come with street hook-ups, Must notch crossmember on driver’s side, Hedder comes with weld-on collectors, Competition hedder – Allow for extended delivery time.

Valve Covers I used tall valve covers without any problems. They clear the power brake booster fine, but are tight. I am able to remove the drivers side valve cover with no problems. Distributor The good news is there is not really a clearance problem here. You have plenty of room between the distributor and the firewall, even with a HEI! You can even use your HEI out of your smallblock if you want! I use an HEI type distributor, and the only area you will need to be concerned with is the windshield wiper mechanism arm hitting against the plug wire boots.

You should be able to work around this without any problems, by clocking the distributor so this does not happen. Of course, if the HEI fits, then the small diameter distributors are a piece of cake.

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Founded by William Durant and French racecar driver Louis Chevrolet in , Chevy has been around for more than a century. Durant was let go by GM before meeting Chevrolet when the vision to begin a new company took hold. Right from the beginning, Chevy experienced enormous success, allowing Durant to buy enough shares of GM to take control. Since that time, Chevy has been responsible for designing and developing a wide variety of vehicles and parts for drivers from every walk of life.

Trucks, sedans, and SUVs in every size and style are featured in the Chevy lineup. From the Silverado and the Camaro to the Tahoe and Impala, Chevy’s tale is one of perseverance, dedication, and excellence.

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If your water pump is failing, here are simple steps you can easily follow on how to replace a water pump in a Chevy Silverado and save yourself from spending so much on major engine repairs. Before you attempt on doing anything on your engine though, you should first disconnect the negative battery cable to avoid electrocution or to prevent sparks from igniting any gas vapors which could only mean a chief disaster. Make sure you catch all the coolant using a container and keep the solution clean.

Disengage all engine parts attached to the water pump with the use of an adjustable wrench which include the ducts, hose, fan, clutch, and belt. With all attachments removed from the water pump, loosen the bolts which securely hold the water pump in the block. Once separated from the block, you will notice two gaskets which could either be joined with the water pump or left attached to the block.

Generic TBI Fuel Injection Block Diagram & Acronyms Individual Components and Their Function Schematic Diagram additional wires to a heater element that provides quick heat to get it up to used throughout GM up until about Do not get one off a super or.

It is remarkably easy and it greatly increases the air flow through the heating system. When my heater core began leaking like a sieve, I figured it was a good time to do the upgrade. This upgrade works for ‘ ’86 CJs as well as ‘ ’90 Wranglers. Some of the CJs built in used the old style heater housing with the heater motor behind the dash.

I haven’t heard of anyone doing this upgrade with the old style heater housing or with a Wrangler built after Any CJ with a heater motor sticking out of the fire wall will be able to do this upgrade. If you go to your local discount auto parts store, it is best not to confuse them with the truth. Ask them for a heater motor for a ’73 Chevy Blazer with a and air conditioning. The part is the same for all Blazers of that year regardless of engine size or air conditioning, but this is the normal stream of questions.

If you go to the junk yard for a motor, the heater motor you are looking for was used over several years in several different models.

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However, the engines are probably getting a bit tired. As a do-it-yourself kit, the Renegade’s conversion is ideal for many reasons. For those who have a with a bad motor, you have probably already discovered that buying a rebuilt motor costs more than buying another used However, selling your car without a running motor will bring you only an insulting few thousand dollars.

Owners of s who are lucky enough to have cars with running motors are far to familiar with the lack of power and the always-increasing cost of maintenance.

This is a polished aluminum thermostat housing for SB Chevy with an O-ring seal. It swivels in any direction to ease hook up. The opening points at a 90 degree angle.

February 10, Reason: The engine coolant lines to the intake manifold heat up the intake manifold to allow for better atomization of fuel on cold days at start up. But that same process acts as an air heater that heats the air going into your engine all the time. Remove the engine coolant lines to the intake manifold and route the engine coolant directly to the water box. This mod may not be for everyone. If you live in very cold climates you may have problems, it could cause your car to idle rougher at startup.

This mod is not a permanent modification to your vehicle, in fact it is easily reversible.

How do you hook up the heater hose on a Chevy

I noticed that water is leaking under the passenger side dashboard. I was told it was my Heater Core. Does it take a long time? How long in general – since I probably will need to get someone to replace it.

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Post 90 of 90 views Re: Thread is so long it’s near impossible to dig out what has or has not been done to a Chev – the crossover year and R ceased for the current a refrigerant. Books can be wrong but all model year 93 Chev Trucks were originally r It can be bolstered with a more aggressive fan clutch or change to an HE high efficiency condenser which is weak and can’t really be flushed out effectively for any future problems. Any would perform cooler or should. As HT said, measure this with a real thermometer at center vent – no guessing.

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