Ask A Cougar: Why do Younger Men Like Older Women

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Believe it or not, lots of men want to date us — older men, men our age and even younger men are trying to catch our eye. Tina Turner is 75, her boyfriend is JLo is 40, her boyfriend is Mariah Carey is 44, her husband is Your boyfriend is not born yet!

Here is what a Cougar Means: Older women that loves younger men. These Cougars dont always have to be beautiful, or even have lots of money. All they have to do, is be into dating younger men.

Online Courtney My inner freak came out after I turned 40, now I can’t get enough sex. I am not here to play games. Now you can hook up with sexy cougars in your area who want to have fun with younger gentlemen like you. Cougars are in extremely high demand these days, but it can be challenging to find a cougar who is local and available for sexy encounters and fun.

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Someone with his shit together. Ready to take you seriously. The problem is, you think that person has to be older than you. You just need to give him a chance.

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What do you think?? We have had a rocky path already, but we see a future. Tara I have been dating my boyfriend for almost 2 years. He is almost 2. My ex was 2 years older than me, we dated for 3. But me and my current boyfriend get a long soo much better. Its funny how nice it is to date someone younger lol. Climb I dated a 14 year-old when I was

Dating a Cougar (Never Too Late, #1) by Donna McDonald

Dating sugar momma I find life funny, so if you are all serious and can’t laugh at yourself, I will drive you nuts. I like someone with drive and self-motivation, but too much desire for I would like to find a young man to spend sweet moments with. A good friend to talk and to share things about our lives. If there is chemistry between him and me, we can go to the I am looking for someone who wants to enjoy life as much as me – someone who appreciates the moment and isn’t afraid to try something new

Jan 07,  · Looking for a cougar in Posted on January 7, I am an online dating conselor for sugar momma and younger men dating site cougar dating tips and tagged cougar dating, cougar singles, date a rich cougar, dating, looking for a cougar, older women dating, older women dating younger men, older women.

Posted on January 7, by sugarmummydating Are you a lonely poor younger man just graduated from college? Are you looking for a job and trying to support yourself? But the life is always not easy for you with your own great effort. How would you solve the problem for young students? Maybe you should get some help from others. In my view, you could date a cougar to give you some experience and help you make progress in your life.

It is a question deserving to think twice. Maybe you have heard that seeking agreement for older women and younger men. It is also called cougar dating and May-December relationship. However, most of younger guys are looking for a cougar to get some experience and looking for fun from the age gap relationship. If you indeed seek the chance to improve yourself, it is not a bad choice.

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My Description My age or better. My age or better. I have been told that I am a very funny guy.

Confessions of a Dirty Old Woman The relationship between an older woman and younger man is just fine with me. Share; Tweet; but I guess you could say I’m a cougar. I was dating younger men exclusively, long before there was a label for women like me. aging dating sex.

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Tina Turner is 75, her boyfriend is JLo is 40, her boyfriend is Mariah Carey is 44, her husband is

Home > Blog > Dating > I Don’t Want To Be A Cougar; I Want A Relationship With A Younger Man! I Don’t Want To Be A Cougar; I Want A Relationship With A Younger Man! Hi Evan, I feel like I am “aging out” of online dating. I’ve noticed after my last birthday .

With all the hype around urban cougars and their bait, it can be confusing to know what exactly defines a cougar. In looking at age alone, many would define cougars as women between the ages of 35 and 55 who enjoy the company of a younger man. Women in this age group are in their sexual prime, and many prefer a younger man who can keep up with them. By the same token, could a woman in her 60s still be a cougar if she wishes to date much younger men?

Or how about a woman who is 28 but seduces a 19 year old guy for a fling? We say that the 60 year old is a cougar, but the 28 year old is just looking for a little fun. The official starting age of a cougar should always be 35 or older, but with no upper age limit.

How to Know if a Woman is a Cougar: 12 Steps (with Pictures)

A theory that can explain this finding from an evolutionary perspective is the parasite-stress theory which explains that an increase of infectious disease can cause humans to evolve selectively according to these pressures. Evidence also shows that as disease risk gets higher, it puts a level of stress on mating selection and increases the use of polygamy.

In regions such as Sub-Saharan Africa the use of polygyny is commonly practiced as a consequence of high sex-ratios more males born per females and passing on heterozygous diverse genetics from different females to offspring. Another reason that polygynous communities have larger age-gaps between spouses is that intrasexual competition for females increases as fewer females remain on the marriage market with males having more than one wife each , therefore the competitive advantage values younger females due to their higher reproductive value.

Smaller than average age-gaps[ edit ] Comparatively in Western societies such as the US and Europe, there is a trend of smaller age-gaps between spouses, reaching its peak average in Southern Europe of 3.

A cougar won’t fit into younger man’s social circle or vice versa. Wifflegif A couple may experience some negativity — especially in the initial stages of the relationship.

Never feel ashamed about an age gap so small. Im 27 and i just met a guy who is 25 and i must tell you this guy treats me with respect and im like woww. Really , i just wan t to take it slow before i go into a relationship with him. But another thing is how he and his family feel about my tribe. Ive never been lucky with a man from his tribe because i dont speak their language. Koalabutts Im 18 and my boyfriend is 15 turning 16 in a couple months and i always felt really awkward about the age difference since i usually date older guys.

Noona Yes im in this 7 months relationship now. Im 28 years old and he is 20 years old turning 21 this april… I havent told my parents about this but my mun found about it through facebook and send me a pm that I should stop seeing him because he still a student and I should be looking for someone that I could settle down with.

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The rules are pretty much the same as dating younger chicks, but there are a lot of subtle differences that we’ll try to help you with in this short but sweet web guide. Where to find a cougar date? So you’re ready to date a cougar but where are you going to find her? Sure, you see potential cougars everywhere, on the subway, in the supermarket, on the bus, at the mall – but are they really cougars?

Or are they just hot older chicks with angry husbands waiting to kick your ass?

Then welcome to – an online dating website which is popular with all romantic souls who are looking for online communication and dating. Every day hundreds of singles log in to mingle, talk, and flirt in chats, and possibly meet in real life for dating.

Is this Cub Using Me? Dear Lucia, I have been seeing a guy for about 2 months. I am 40 and he is According to him, he is only dating me. We have never had the “talk” yet we joke around about not being boyfriend and girlfriend. Normally we talk x a day, text each other between x a day and see each other x a week. I know that his ex girlfriend broke up with him 5 months ago.

He recently told me that he was dating a woman in her 40s when he met his ex, who is also He said he broke up with the older woman when he began to fall in love with his ex. I didn’t ask him for how long exactly he was dating his ex before he knew that he was falling in love.

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Share Several women had some fairly melancholy musings on the subject of being a cougar. I feel so Demi Moore,’ a woman posted, in reference to Ms Moore’s doomed relationship with fellow actor Ashton Kutcher, who was 15 years her junior when their eight-year relationship crumbled in I feel like I am so attracted to much younger men but it’s going to leave me lonely in the end realistically.

Definition of a Cougar: Older women who enjoys the company of younger men. These older women dont have to be beautiful, or rich. All these cougars have to do, is be into dating younger men.

Look up the definition of cougar on the online urban dictionary. If you fit it, you are, if not, you aren’t. It’s not what other people call you, it’s what you know about yourself. IMO dating someone 10 years younger is not a big deal, for anyone–anyone 35 or older. I think older people dating someone younger than 25 is pretty wierd. But, at over 35, ten years is no big deal. Thing is, with men who date women 10 or more years younger, people generally don’t care or say anything.

When a woman dates someone significantly younger, people call her names, like ‘cougar. However, I also looked young for my age and I don’t think anyone even noticed there was much of an age difference, or at most thought it might be 5 years difference, which is genuinely no big deal for most people:

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