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Bobby and Billy Joe are your very rad neighbors. They hold hands when they walk down the street. They pay their taxes together. Holding hands is not inherently romantic. Neither is sharing a house, and neither is kissing. Our society holds very specific expectations for what a committed relationship should look like. The relationship should be romantic in nature. It should be monogamous. It should be central to our lives and should take precedence over platonic relationships.

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Recent Posts Glossary A listing of asexuality-related words. Not participating in sexual activity often specifically partnered sexual activity by choice. Ace also includes gray-asexual and demisexual people. A pride flag consisting of equally sized horizontal stripes, from top to bottom: Black, gray, white, and purple. Someone who experiences romantic attraction; not aromantic.

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Join now and see who is hoping to meet someone like you! What are you looking for I am a: Date of Birth Birthday: Enter your Email Address Email remains confidential: You also agree to receive flirts, messages, account updates and special offers. Sign up Forget About Romance and Focus on Friendship Perhaps you don’t feel comfortable with the ‘traditional’ aspects of a romantic relationship. Maybe you’re simply tired of the drama and issues that can come up with a romantic partner and want to focus on being friends first and foremost.

Whatever the case may be, you’re not alone in feeling this way!


Alloromantic describes someone who is not aromantic spectrum Allosexual describes someone who is not asexual spectrum. Aromantic people may be allosexual or asexual spectrum. Alterous experiences attraction that can only be described as a desire for emotional closeness because neither romantic or platonic attraction is accurate, is intended to be used in place of romantic or platonic.

Aro is short for aromantic, and ace is the short name of asexual. Not necessarily arospec, but a useful term for the community.

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Is it ok to like one of your children more than the other? Answer We all know that parents have their favorites where their childrenare concerned. Usually, the favored child is the most like theparent personality-wise who favors him or her, or quite simply,it may be the child who gives the least amount of trouble to theparent s.

However, it is not advisable is to let your childrenknow or even suspect that you have favorites; I think someparents tend to “let-on” just a little bit when angry or frustratedat the least favored child because it’s an easy way of “punishing”that one. You may have sub-consciously punishedyour child this way, or of course, you yourself may have felt likethe not so favored child while growing up and subsequently turnaround and repeat the process with one of your own. It’s easy to doand often parents don’t even realize they’re doing it.

Also, do not pit your children against each other, or get down onone particular child because he or she does not do exactly what youwant them to at all times. Favoritism was a big part of our familywhen I was in my formative years, and to be honest, I think thefavored child not me is now somewhat uncomfortable with theirrole of favorite child which they still reluctantly play after allthese years. No one is perfect and for a parent to treat one childdifferently than another while they are growing up and as adults will only serve to create animosity, hurt feelings, and it willdivide the family, which is never a good thing.

Even if the favoredchild is close to the parents, the other s may not be and worse,may not be close to the favored one. Remember, Mom and Dad, yourchildren will very likely outlive you and it behooves you tostrengthen the ties of your children to one another while you can,because if they are not in place while the children are growing up,they will be even less so when the children are adults and you’relong gone.

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Anyone who’s known me through the years can testify that that is absolutely not true. As with many others with Asperger’s, I feel emotion, and feel them intensely, sometimes more so than a person who did not have Asperger’s. When it boils down to it, I believe the root of this assumption goes back to the difficulties that many with Asperger’s have with communication.

As Canadian writer A.

Queerplatonic relationships: the lesser known relationships. I remember that some weeks ago was Valentine’s Day weekend. Preceding Valentine’s Day weekend was a frenzy of commercialized romance.

This is one I’ve been itching to read ever since the first one came out the first edition even! The Lifeline Signal follows a different set of characters than book one, but don’t worry – they’re very connected to your favorites from Chameleon Moon and the plot of Parole. This is just another side of the story, a look at what’s going on outside of Parole’s bubble and fire. It’s not as ideal as those trapped within Parole might suspect and it’s fascinating to see how the world outside has changed just as much as the world within Parole itself.

A city doesn’t just drop off the map without consequences after all. Two of the main trio are new to the Chameleon Moon universe, but readers of the short stories will recognize Annie from The Library Ghost. She’s back and is one of the primary focuses of the novel, so those who enjoyed her there will absolutely love her here. It will, however, give you a lot more insight into the plot, so I would highly suggest them. This book features just as much diversity as the first.

All three main characters are POC and a good deal of side characters are as well. The primary character, Shiloh, using xie pronouns, which is something I’ve never seen done in a book before, self pubbed or otherwise, and both xir and Annie have several physical disabilities between them EDS for Annie and a chiari malformation for Shiloh that are never glossed over or swept under the rug.

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Here to talk, lend support, or answer your questions to the best of our ability. The mods are Anaxan, Noel, Nash, and Tyger. This list reflects the terminology that has currently or previously been used on this blog.

Aug 01,  · Ohai, I’m back for more! So, I have developed what you folks like to call a queerplatonic relationship with my straight female best friend. I love her a lot, but I’ve been worrying about things like a) do I love her in a platonic way or romantic, b) if platonic, will I ever fall for her, or c) do I consider platonic love of this level and romantic love basically the same, and the only thing.

Occasionally, there are individuals who assume the duo are married or dating , or try to set them up as a couple. However, the duo is perfectly happy just being friends and the lack of sexual attraction is mutual. The reasons behind this vary. Sometimes they’re truly in love with someone else. Sometimes their sexual orientation makes them incompatible.

Sometimes they even tried dating once a long time ago and realised that they just didn’t think of each other like that. Whatever the case, the final result is entirely platonic on both sides. The difference is that for Platonic Life Partners, their relationship with each other is the most important relationship, with even romantic relationships coming in second. The same-sex equivalent is Heterosexual Life-Partners.

Simply being friends doesn’t make a pair an example, nor does just being True Companions —rather, in terms of The Four Loves , this is Philia with overtones of Storge but a complete lack of Eros. Despite their tendency to inspire shipping , there’s a good reason they’re called Platonic Life Partners. However, there is precedent for Relationship Upgrades to occasionally happen if one or both partners realize their feelings run deeper.

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It is like finding someone who completes you. A queer platonic relationship can go by many code names. Sometimes gender specific, they can be called bromances, Boston marriages, or romantic friendships, but they are all the same. A queer platonic relationship is defined in the Urban Dictionary as an adjective that describes an intimate and intense relationship that is considered outside the normalcy of a friendship.

It is a strong bond characterized by love, but not of a romantic type.

It is a so-called platonic relationship, so it does not comprehend sexuality/eroticism or romance, although some people involved in light or non-traditional romantic relationship might also categorize themselves as being queerplatonic.

September 2, by aggiesez Cuddling: People are really touchy. That is, most people desire or require touch and affection on a regular basis — nonsexual as well as sexual. The National Institutes of Health says so. You can be, too. The catch is, we live a generally sex-negative and thus oversexualized, but not in a good way society. And a highly couple-centric one at that.

The A Stands For Asexuality: Putting The A In The LGBTQA+ Community

Asexuals, we now know, are people who do not experience sexual attraction. They either denied that it exists, or they demeaned the people who identify as asexual — for example, by suggesting that they have a sexual disorder or that their lack of interest in sex is a symptom of some other pathology. By now, though, a decade of research has been conducted, and neither of those stigmatizing interpretations has prevailed.

Asexuality is a sexual orientation , not a sexual dysfunction. Once a phenomenon or group of people is newly recognized, a typical next step is the realization that not everyone in the group is alike. Asexuals are a diverse group, and one of the most important ways they differ is in the extent to which they experience romantic attraction — aromantic people, for example, experience little or no romantic attraction.

Romantic Relationships vs. Queerplatonic 1. Aromantic Aardvark. This is a blog for people who identify as aromantic or on the aromantic spectrum. We try our best to be inclusive and will offer advice to anyone who comes to our ask box.

There is no perfect poly. The thing is, perfection is a tenuous concept, especially in any non-traditional lifestyle. This is not something that happens across the board, and is an idea that fluctuates widely depending on personal perspective and experience, but that it does exist is a good reminder of how easily we can unconsciously fall into systems put in place by the mainstream majority. Mind your own perfection! After all, every relationship fluctuates, and the way that we feel about a partner or a combination of partners will shift depending on many factors, including the coming and going of NRE new relationship energy , and other factors such as whether or not one or more partners identifies as kinky, or has time constraints because of work, school, or other obligations, et cetera.

The author of Poly Styles describes hierarchical versus egalitarian styles of poly in their post on Living Poly. It depends entirely on the new agreements that the primary couple ends up having, and how those agreements mesh well or differ from the agreements you have with your ancillary poly partner. Relationships change just like feelings change just like people change over time. A shift in focus and attention might feel like rejection or neglect, but it does not have to be perceived that way, and a thoughtful investigation into the concept of compersion can do wonders in this situation.

Another type of poly relationship that is often controversial within the poly community is the platonic poly partner. For an astute example, see S.

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